Let's grow

Building . the . next . generation . of . fashion.

How Stylez will expand your brand

Streetwear is established in the fashion business, and we notice that the Dutch market is becoming more and more involved in that market over the last few years. That’s where Stylez can be valuable, we connect your brand to the Dutch retailers.

With our eye for detail we carefully select the right retailers, so we can optimize your sales. The connection is made for you, you don’t have to spend your time on market research and learn every rule, the language and search for the retailers. We work on a no cure no pay base, this way you can invest without any risk.

Together we work on the next generation of fashion.

Let’s grow

Building . the . next . generation . of . fashion

We plan an online meeting

We always plan an online meeting, that way we can get to know the brand more and see if it is a match or not.

Picking the products we want to resell

After agreeing on our terms & conditions, we start choosing the products we want to sell. Based on our market knowledge & experience we will choose them in consultation with you.

Approaching Dutch retailers

We will go through our database and find retailers that will fit the brand. We will visit, contact them & show them the products we choose. The leads will be discussed with you to see if it is a match from both sides.

Start selling

After you agree on working with the retailers we have selected, we will start the order proces and start selling. We will recieve the order from the retailer and put it through to you & we can start making some sales!

"Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life; it's about what you inspire others to do."

No cure no pay

This way you can invest without any risk

We work as a team

We work side by side to boost your sales

Young & Dynamic

We know what the people want and how to respond

Save time

We already explored the market for you